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Find the Slope of a Line

This slope calculator solves the line slope equation either when 2 points are given or when 1 point and the slope are known. The Calculator. Home; Finance; Health; = Square Root of ((x2-x1)2

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Slope Calculator

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Slope Calculator

Explain the formula of the y 2-y 1 /x 2-x 1 calculator. This formula is used to find the slope of a line with two points. X1 and y1 represent the first point of coordinates. While x2 and y2 represent the second point of coordinates. By

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Slope Calculator

Formula. Two point Form. (y-y1/y2-y1 = x-x1/x2-x1) Examples: Find the equation of the line joining the points (3, 4) and (2, -5). x1 = 3, y1 = 4, x2 = 2, y2 = -5. Apply Formula: