I sometimes stay up late until 11, trying to finish my homework but i can't. The best out there 🙌🏽, it showed me how to do everything step by step and I'm so happy with it, it says there is Internet connection problem. This app helped me very well with homework I didnt understand.

William Reder

To find the derivative of say sinhx, the app rather calculates the 'h' separately, keep it up I am looking forward to see new features being added, much better than photomath in my opinion -- it has the ability to solve a lot more problems, and the steps are very helpful. It helps me everyday with my homework and explains the problems better than an actual teacher.

Morris Leith

And solve your difficulties. It helps me a lot, but it's not totally cheating if you are learning. Could y'all maybe add something to help me and many others with Word Problems? Like since the Scan feature works with letters, numbers and graphs, could you possibly make it so it can scan the word problem, and give me solving solutions? If so, that would be incredibly helpful.

Mark Spinelli

Rectangular form

If the equations of the diagonals of the rectangle are Ax + By + C = 0 and Dx + Ey + F = 0 then an equation for the rectangle is: M and N can be found by substituting the

Polar vs. Rectangular Form

Area of a Rectangle = (Length × Breadth) square units. Proof: Area of Rectangle ABCD = Area of Triangle ABC + Area of Triangle ADC = 2 × Area of Triangle ABC = 2 × (1/2 ×