Dice probability problems and solutions

In this blog post, we will be discussing about Dice probability problems and solutions.

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A Collection of Dice Problems

PROBABILITY WORD PROBLEMS ON DICE AND COINS. Problem 1 : Two unbiased dice are rolled once. Find the probability of getting. (i) a doublet (equal numbers on both dice) (ii) the

Dice Problems in Probability for Competitive Exams

Problem 4 : If two unbiased dice are rolled together, what is the probability of getting no difference of points ? Solution : Sample space = n(S) = 36. No difference = 0 difference Let A

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Probability Practice Questions: Level 01

Solved Problems On Dice Probability Formula. Problem 1: A single dice is rolled, what is the probability of obtaining a number that is even or a digit less than 5? Answer: The sample space
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Charles James

Great to see apps like this are coming up, the only thing is you have to pay for the steps, i did have to search the formulas, but I had no idea how to type them in a calculator, so I just took a picture of it.

Robert Cannon

This app is very easy to use, it can solve most problems in multiple different ways. Thanks to the developers and creators. I calculated it by hand when I was bored in class so I wanted to check if I was right.

Dice Probability of a Prime Number Solution.pdf

Since out of six possible outcomes of a single roll of dice, there are 3 even and 3 odd outcomes, so the probability of getting an odd number is the same as getting an even

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Dice probability

Volume I of a two-part series, this book features a broad spectrum of 100 challenging problems related to probability theory and combinatorial analysis. Most can be