2-5 practice solving equations involving absolute value

There is 2-5 practice solving equations involving absolute value that can make the technique much easier.

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2 5 skills practice solving equations involving absolute value

Solving Equations Involving Absolute Value 2-5 Chapter 2 32Glencoe Algebra 1 Evaluate each expression if a= 2, b = -3, and c = -4. 1. a - 5 - 1 2 2. b + 1 + 8 10 3. 5 - c + 1 2 4. a + b - c 5 Solve

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Section 2-14 : Absolute Value Equations. For problems 1 ā€“ 5 solve each of the equation. |4pāˆ’7| = 3 | 4 p āˆ’ 7 | = 3 Solution. |2 āˆ’4x| = 1 | 2 āˆ’ 4 x | = 1 Solution. 6u = |1 +3u| 6 u = |

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2 5 Practice Solving Equations Involving Absolute Value

Absolute value is talking about distance (distance from zero); distance is always measured by positive numbers. Q. 6. Q. Order the numbers from least to greatest. I-10I, -2, 5, 6. I8I. Q. Solve
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