How to get rid of a variable exponent

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Solving a Formula For a Variable Contained in an Exponent

Hi is there any way, preferably from code, to stop exponential notation. So any figures I display, or look at in the variable editor, are always in the format 0.0000000234 etc

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Tutorial 45: Exponential Equations

This is called the anti-log function. Thus, if you know the exponent is 2, then \(e^2 = 7.389056\). On your calculator, the anti-log can be located on the second shelf directly above the LN button. To access this function, key in

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Eliminate Exponents: How to

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How can I get rid of exponents in an equation?

How do I get rid of an exponent in an equation? By taking the corresponding root, unless the exponent is a variable, in that case use a logarithm. A: Exponent that is not a variable. x³ = 125
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