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Step 1: Enter the linear equation you want to find the slope and y-intercept for into the editor. The slope and y-intercept calculator takes a linear equation and allows you to calculate the slope

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Graphing Equations Using Algebra Calculator

x-intercepts\:y=\frac{x^2+x+1}{x} x-intercepts\:y=\frac{1}{x^2} x-intercepts\:y=\frac{x}{x^2-6x+8} x-intercepts\:y=\sin(3x)
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Intercepts Calculator

Intercepts calculator Our online calculator, based on Wolfram Alpha system, is designed to find the intersection points of the function with coordinate axes . Axes intercepts solver Function's

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Linear equation with intercepts Calculator

Interactive, free online graphing calculator from GeoGebra: graph functions, plot data, drag sliders, and much more!

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I really appreciate this app ,it is very simple and easy to use ,and it really help and assist us especially for mathematics student. I found this app from my cousin, thanks for creating a very useful app.


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Granted, there are a few bugs, particularly with the camera, and a few with the caluclation process (to be exact it sometimes says it can't calculate a question but it can), but one thing you can fix is the blur problem the app sometimes has, so you could fix the focusing issue.

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Slope Intercept Form Calculator

Slope intercept formula. The slope intercept equation can be represented as: y = mx + b. Where, x, y represents the x and y coordinates, m is slope of line, and. b is y intercept. The equation of