How to Cancel Out a Square Root : Math Calculations

If the reverse square root of the reverse of square of a number is the number itself then it is Adam Number. For ex., 12 and 21 Take 12 square of 12 = 144 reverse of square of 12

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What is the inverse operation of squaring a number?

Brought to you by Sciencing \sqrt {x} = 4 x = 4 Squaring both sides of the equation eliminates the square root sign. This gives you: (\sqrt {x})^2 = (4)^2 ( x )2 = (4)2 Or, once simplified: x = 16 x = 16 You've eliminated the

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Find the inverse of a square root function

Squaring a number is a trivial operation: the number is simply multiplied by itself. Finding the square root is often difficult unless a calculator can be used. To find the square

How to Solve Square Root Problems (with Pictures)

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