How to factor expressions with exponents

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David Davis

Everything is good, except sometimes the button for sending whatever you scanned can get in the way, but otherwise good for math, amazing especially with the free trial of the plus i dont have to stress my brain over math i forgot thank you app.

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It is a very helpful addition to complicated math problems, the only problem I've had was just it not being able to tell a decimal from a whole number if it does not start with a 0.

Factoring in Algebra

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4.8 Factoring Expressions with Fractional or Negative Exponents

When factoring with an exponent of 3, the values are broken down into sets of expressions within parenthesis that, when multiplied together using the FOIL method, produce

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Factoring Expressions with Exponents

Think of factoring an expression with exponents as dividing that expression by one of its factors. A factor of an expression is a number or expression that divides into the
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