Dividing 723 ÷ 5 Using Partial Quotients

Divides 2 numbers using the Partial Quotient This calculator has 2 inputs. What 7 concepts are covered in the Partial Quotient Calculator? denominator The bottom portion of a fraction. For

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Partial Quotient: Division Method

Division with partial quotients is a deviation from the standard method. The divisor is multiplied with a number and the multiple obtained is deducted from the dividend. This multiple of the

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Partial quotients

Carry the 3, or regroup the 3, depending on how you think about it. 6 times 1 is 6, plus 3 is 9. Then you subtract again. 8 minus 6 is 2. And then you can just say 10 minus 9 is 1, or you could even borrow. You

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Divide using Partial Quotients

So, Divide using the partial quotient method and get the result within no time. Subtract from the dividend an easy multiple (like 100x, 300x, 40x, etc., which are in multiples of 10) of the divisor.
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