How to write cube root

In this blog post, we will take a look at How to write cube root.

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Cube Root (Definition, Symbol, Formula, and Solved Examples)

The formula to calculate the cube root is given as: Cube root of x = ∛x = ∛ (y × y × y) = y where, y is the cube root of any number x. This also means that the number x would be a perfect cube if y has an integer value. Applications of Cube Root
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Cube Roots

Two simple options: x^ (1/3) Or, nthroot (x,3) Be very careful though. If x is negative, it will return a complex number, because there are indeed THREE cube roots of a

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Cube roots review (article)

To find the cube root of a number 27, we want a number which when multiplied thrice with itself shall give 27. We can write, 27 = 3 × 3× 3 = 3 3

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What is the Cube Root of a Number?

Press the alt key and type 8730 using numeric keypad to make square root √ symbol. Only on Microsoft Word documents, type 221B and press alt and x keys to make cube

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