How to find arithmetic mean

Arithmetic Mean is calculated using the formula given below. Arithmetic Mean = ∑ (fi * xi) / fi. Arithmetic Mean= ( (3 * 3) + (4 * 9) + (6 * 18) + (7 * 12) + (9 * 3)) / 45. Arithmetic Mean = 264 / 45. Arithmetic Mean = 5.87. Therefore, the average


Arithmetic mean

Calculating Arithmetic Mean for Grouped Data Direct Method for Finding the Arithmetic Mean. Let x₁, x₂, x₃ xₙ be the observations with the frequency f₁, f₂, f₃ Short-cut Method for Finding the Arithmetic Mean. The short-cut method is

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Arithmetic Mean Formula (with Solved Examples)

Steps to Calculate Arithmetic Mean Arithmetic Mean = x1+x2+x3+.+xn/n Alternatively, the arithmetic mean formula in symbolic terms is as below:

Appendix 6. Calculation of arithmetic and geometric means

Steps to calculate Arithmetic Mean: Find the sum of all the observations. Multiply the frequency with its corresponding value and add them. Find the number of observations.