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Very good map helps me whils am studying and gives weel explained answers plus it gives u different formulas. 100% accuracy so far. It will solve your homework for you and explain it :).

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It's keeping my grades up. Can even take pictures and show the steps to get the awnser. I dont usually rate apps because i think its a waste of my time, but this app is amazing.

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It's ok but I thought adding ads let's say at the bottom of the app will be better than that but it is that it is I guess. Very good helps with my studies with questions I am not sure about I recommend it to anyone having difficulty with math.

Walter Talmadge

Multiplying binomials (video)

Simplifying using the FOIL Method Lessons. The FOIL Method is a process used in algebra to multiply two binomials. The lesson on the Distributive Property, explained how to multiply a

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FOIL Method Calculator

Let's apply the F OI L F O I L method on a couple of examples. Here we are multiplying two binomials: (q − 3)(q − 7) q - 3 q - 7. Let's go through each step of F OI L F O I L to solve this multiplication problem: First, multiply first terms of

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FOIL Method in Math: Overview & Examples

To master the foil method better, we shall solve a few examples of binomials. Example 1. Multiply (2 x + 3) (3 x – 1) Solution. Begin, by multiplying together, the first terms of each binomial. = 2x

The FOIL Method

Foil Formula. FOIL is a mnemonic for the standard method of multiplying two binomials, hence the method may be referred to as the FOIL method. The word FOIL is an acronym for the four

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