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How to find instantaneous rate of change calculus

Q.1: Compute the Instantaneous rate of change of the some function f(x) given as, f(x)= 3x² + 12 at x = 5 ? Solution: The given function is, f(x) = 3x² + 12. Finding its derivative with respect to x

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Instantaneous Rate of Change

Example question: Find the instantaneous rate of change (the derivative) at x = 3 for f(x) = x 2. Step 1: Insert the given value (x = 3) into the formula, everywhere there’s an “a”: Step 2: Figure
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Average Rate Of Change In Calculus (w

It is easy and simple to calculate the instantaneous rate of change of any function. Let’s suppose f is a function of x, then the instantaneous rate of change at the x = a will be the average rate of

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